Some of our favorite pictures.

I owned these hens a few years ago. I bought the three of them at the flea market. I assumed they were sex-links and boy were they productive girls. They were probably at least a year old by the time I bought them. They would often lay double yolk eggs. They were friendly and laid two days, off a day so between the three of them I always got two eggs and sometimes three a day. I had them in with some Rhode Island Red hens and a Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster. I ended up selling the whole flock at a later date since the pen we had wasn't very good for winter. We ended up using it as a breeding pen for goats after that.


Our first horses Grace and Sugar along with Jazz. Grace was herd boss by a mile and Sugar was second in command. Grace was very spooky and Sugar had a little too much attitude so they didn't make good first horses for newbies. We sold them and then adopted Mindy. I do miss those girls though. I spent a lot of time with Sugar doing the Clinton Anderson Fundamentals with her and she was so easy to teach. Grace was always my first love and always will be.

Rags was my daughter's pony. I spent more time with him than she did though. He was quite the character and full of beans. lol Here he is sunning himself in the Spring time.

Kuzco the llama.

Some of our beautiful dairy goats before we sold out in 2012.
(Left) Appleberry Cove IN Sashay and Shady Lawn Wild Temptress, two of our junior Lamancha does. Bred both for Mini-Manchas for 2012 kiddings. (Right) One of our homebred does SGM R Chamber of Secrets.

SGM RB Evangeline. Evangeline was one of my favorite goats. Her dam SGM PTC Guinevere was one of our first bottle raised does. J-Nels SQ River Birch was a total sweetheart buck. She had all the best traits of both parents in one little quiet package. Great little doe.

Gotta B Kid N Z Seabreeze & Gotta B Kid N Katydid, two of my all time favorite Mini-Mancha does.

SGM Mooshine Belle & SGM Mooshine ... I called him Flynn Rider following the Disney theme.
Their dam's udder below

Earknot Acres Jasmine's first freshening udder.

SGM Mooshine Elise and SGM Mooshine Poseidon out of
Appleberry Cove Elsie and Earknot Acres AR Mooshine.

Appleberry Cove Elsie F1 Mini-Mancha.
We use to own Elsie and she was a heck of a little milker.
She gave me 3/4 a gallon of milk every day. She's dam to the two kids above.

Kuzco's cute face (left) and Buttin'Heads Tachauna, aka Anna.

SGM R Olympia's udder. Between Olympia and her two paternal half sisters, my best milkers came out of Little Tot's Estate Meadow-Rue. Secrets (pictured above on this page) had the highest production. Raven was close behind her and was even softer in texture but Olympia beat them both in orifices and teat size.

I love bantam Cochins. This little hen on the left has gone on to be a champion after we sold her. The second Cochin is a cute little rooster we use to have who was free ranging and just entirely too cute and our beautiful tom turkey displaying for us just after Thanksgiving in 2011. I think he was 'thankful' he wasn't dinner. ;)

More photos to come.

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