Some of our favorite pictures.

I love all things that bloom even though sometimes my sinuses won't agree.
Here are some beautiful blossoms of different flora from around our farm.

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Bleeding Hearts

I took this photo of some bleeding hearts we had a few years ago. They were planted behind the hostas in a bed below several sweet gum trees. The bleeding heart has since died off.

Cherry Blossoms

This is our one and only cherry tree and it grows off the driveway. Our walk to the chicken coop and consequently the new barn has this tree on the left, our storage building on the right.


'Red Rose' - Freedom?

The beautiful red, which is the most fragrant.
This rose lives at the corner of our front porch.


This rose lives at the bottom of our front steps under one of our pear trees.

'Peach Rose'

Peach - grows so incredibly fast and is prolific!

These two photos were taken during the full sun with these blooms tucked into the foliage hiding. This rose climbs the side of our chicken coop and is extremely large. It appears to have either split or shares a spot with one of the dark ones ('Cross') below. We have a second peach rose growing up the front of the smaller carport barn in the backyard. I plan to move that one at some point and probably put near the chicken coop too.

'Multi-Colored Rose'
Low Bush

I call this one the multi-colored rose because it starts off mostly yellow with a hint of orange on one, and orange yellow on the second. Both get all orange in the opening phase and both turn a deep red-orange as they finish. They are a low bush style rose.
We have 3 of these roses. One is at the door to the chicken coop and the other two are in the backyard in front of the smaller carport barn. I do need to move these where they can be showcased better and have them together.

'Cross Rose'

This rose is what I call the cross. It blooms like nothing else! I think it is a cross between our red rose and the wild bush style pink ones that are wild around here. This blooms abundantly like the wild ones but they're bigger, more fragrant and darker closer to our red roses' coloring. It also sprouted from the ground next to our red rose before I moved roses. This one, the one at the mail box and another in the original place bloom like crazy, all being this color and this prolific.

'First Crush'
Parfuma Series by Kordes

This rose was a Mother's Day gift from my kids to me. It has been planted at the left side of the new barn's front doors. This rose is wonderfully fragrant!

'Irish Gold'
Hybrid Tea By Dewar

This rose is my other Mother's Day gift from my kids for 2017. This one has been planted to the right of the new barn's doors.

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