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If you are thinking of purchasing any goats from our farm, please read over our sales policies. If you have any questions please email/call us. Thanks for looking.

General Information
In the past we kept our goats on a dry lot. We are currently remodeling the barns and pastures so to speak so as of right now (June 2014) they are still dry lot. We hope to have them out to pasture before 2015.
All goats are sold with a guarantee that the goat is reproductively sound. We offer no other guarantees. If the goat should prove unsound for breeding we require a vet report indicating that it is sterile and not from a nutritional or management reason and the registrations papers returned. A goat of equal value will be given in its place.
All sales are final, we DO NOT accept goats back under any circumstances once they leave. We do not know where they go or what they maybe exposed to when they leave so we cannot accept them back onto our farm due to bio-security reasons. If you have questions about anything please do so before purchasing and/or picking-up the goat and of course, if you have any concerns once the goat is home feel free to contact us about them. We will do our best to help ensure the goats and the new owners are satisfied with their purchase(s).
Bred Does
*Exposed does are not guaranteed bred. It simply means they've been exposed to a buck and are being sold with that understanding. If the doe did not become bred, no money will be refunded. Bred does are not sold with a breeding fee attached.
*Bred does are not guaranteed bred. They have been hand bred to one of our bucks but in most cases it is too soon to tell if they have settled. If the doe did not settle, no money will be refunded.
*Confirmed Bred (or Pregnant) does are sold guaranteed bred and the guarantee includes live kids being born. If something happens where live kids are not born, the breeding fee attached to the sale price will be refunded when the breeding memo is returned.

Herd Testing
We test our herd annually for CAE, always have. In 2012 (our last year in goats) we tested for Johne's as well. Our most recent herd testing has been done in April 2016 and all goats on the property over 6 months of age (because we do have kids out of a number of the does) has tested Negative for CAE & Johne's.

Reservation Deposits
We currently do not require a deposit for reservations. Reservations are taken as first come first serve basis.
All Other Deposits
Deposits on animals for sale are $100 or half the purchase price when half is under $100 such as in wether cases. We require deposits on all animals to hold for sale. No animal will be held without a deposit. Deposits are not refundable. We also encourage buyers to make payments if necessar. I am very easy to work with and do not mind doing payment plans. Feel free to contact me with questions.
To send a deposit we accept 4 methods:
Paypal If you are making payments, deposits or any other form of payment and must use a card or bank account as opposed to your paypal account, please include 3% to cover Paypal fees. Send paypal to
in person if you come out and meet the goats and decide you would like to purchase a goat but may need to come back at a later time to pick the goat up. If you need a written receipt, just mention it and I will write you one.
Money Orders I prefer the post office money orders, but we accept any money order at this time.
We accept checks for deposits only. We do not accept checks at pick-up under any circumstances. Please make checks payable to Ashley Capps. Thank you! :)
Address for sending a check or money order:
Ashley Capps
119 W. King St.
Easley, SC 29640

When purchasing a goat(s) we will discuss when the goat is supposed to be picked up. Again I'm very flexible on making arrangements but must limit how long the goat(s) can stay. If you need your goat(s) to stay longer than a couple weeks (past weaning etc) please let me know so we can discuss it.
If the original arrangements to pick-up your goats must be changed and it involves a lengthier stay, a boarding fee will be added. I will always notify you of a boarding fee in advance. The boarding fee is $2.50 a day per goat. This is rarely needed, but occasionally a goat cannot be picked-up in a reasonable amount of time and boarding maybe required.

All goats (unless otherwise noted) will come with registration papers. I will list what kind of papers below per breed. It is rare that we may have does that are available without papers. I will NOT sell any goat without papers for a lower price if the animal is a quality animal. If the animal has a defect then papers will not be available with the goat and they will be at a discounted price. Pet wethers do not come with registration papers typically. If you want to have registration papers with your pet wethers, just ask and we'll supply them.
Mini-Mancha - MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association) & TMGR (The Miniature Goat Registry) applications come with all Mini-Nubian & Mini-Mancha kids we sell (unless otherwise noted). Adult goats or goats previously retained will come with their MDGA & TMGR registration papers. The applications will be filled in, the sold to section will be left for the new buyer to fill in. If you have any questions on how any of the registration works please be sure to ask. We have a separate page on how the MDGA & TMGR work and how to understand generations and percentages in Mini-Manchas.
Click here to see it.
Nigerian Dwarfs - ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) & AGS (American Goat Association) applications come with all Nigerian Dwarf kids we sell (unless otherwise noted). Adult goats or goats previously retained will come with their ADGA & AGS registration papers. The applications will be filled in, the sold to section will be left for the new buyer to fill in. If you have any questions on how any of the registration works please be sure to ask. :)

We accept reservations on all breedings. No deposit is necessary. Just specify which breeding and what type of kid you're looking for (ie buck/doe out of so and so and any other preferences such as generation, blue-eyes or color). Reservations lock in your spot in line for specific kids and also locks in pricing since pricing may change after the doe kids. She may really improve with this freshening (or if she's a first freshener - first time kidding - then you could be getting kids for much less than if you hadn't reserved).
     We reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm to our herd. I try to mark all breedings which I plan to retain kids from each year to prevent any confusion or problems. I may mark multiple breedings but when all the kids are born, I often only have so many slots to fill and often want to keep more than I really can and will end up having to sell either more kids than I marked retained or may even have to sell dam's or older yearlings to make room. If you think you would be interested in any yearlings or adult goats be sure to contact me about them. I also try to mark any goats I anticipate selling after kidding too on the breeding schedule. These does are often available in milk and will be milk stand and hand milk trained. We hope to have a milk machine for our farm in the future and we will begin training goats to machine milking too.
     Kids sell quickly from the farm during kidding season so be sure to contact us if you are interested in any kids. Like I mentioned above, reservations DO require a deposit to lock your place in line for kids. Any kids not reserved often sell pretty fast.

     Pricing is posted on the kidding schedule for all kids born on the farm. Goats posted on the sales page will have individual pricing according to their own merit and value. Kid pricing on breedings is what we anticipate the kid's to be worth. This is subject to change once the kids are born. If a reservation was put in before the kid arrived, the price is honored should the kid exceed the guestimate. If the kid is less valuable than we anticipated then the price drops and the person with the reservation is notified and they can choose to withdraw from purchasing the said kid or purchase it at a lower price.
     All prices on the kidding schedule will be honored on kids reserved before birth. Once kids are born, their price may change and increase if they exceed expectation.

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