Ruby 4-29-17 drying off. She's not thrilled that she isn't being milked and grained right now! LOL

F2 Mini-Mancha
DOB: 3/7/2016
(Quadruplets 2 does/2 bucks)
(46.88 L/53.12 ND)
Gopher Ears
MDGA & TMGR Registered


     What a nice doe Ruby has matured into! She is quite the milker too! Ruby freshened in mid March with a gorgeous well attached easy to milk udder. Her teat placement is really nice and her production is awesome! Ruby consistently milks a half gallon a day and often goes a little over. She is out producing all of the other yearling milkers easily! This doe is a MILKER! She'll be something to watch next year too! Ruby's daily pounds is about 4.3-4.5 as of mid April. She has already milked over a hundred pounds in just under a month. I would easily say she'd earn her milk star if we were on milk test this year. Such a shame we didn't get on test this year! Oh well, there's next year!


Ruby's first freshening udder on 3-24-17 at 9 days fresh with a 12 hour fill.
Ruby's quite the productive doe! She's already caught Oracle on production and has nearly produced 4lbs too!

4-29-17 Ruby is drying off currently had NOT happy about it. LOL
I still don't have the milk machine in use and my carpal tunnel is making me dry does.

3-17-17 Ruby's first freshening udder, her kids have just been taken to bottle raise.

3-17-17 Ruby as a yearling first freshener.

Ruby's first freshening udder, taken the day of her kidding.

6-19-16 Ruby at 3 months old.

5-6-16 (left) and 5-5-16 Ruby at 8 weeks old (middle). 3-8-16 Ruby just over 12 hours old (right).

Her dam, Rebekah's fore udder as a first freshener and rear as a third freshener.
Photos courtesy of Parham Farm.

Her sire's dam, Cobble's Valley PIMP Neytiri as a 2nd freshener in 2013, 8 months in milk.
Photos courtesy of Mariah Farm.

Her sire's paternal great granddam, CH Cobble's Valley AH Lou Neala and her udder.
Photos courtesy of Cobble's Valley.

Ruby's Milk Record

Date/Description DIM Pounds Butterfat Protein Height
2017 Barn Records
Unofficial as of 5-1-17
First Freshening, started milking 3 days into her lactation.
Drying off due to hand numbness starting 5-2-17.
41 160# - -  
I had planned to go on milk test in 2017, but with the stresses of kidding season, milking and bottle raising (when we didn't set-out to do that initially) and the new barn work having to be finished to get the herd moved into, testing just didn't happen. I need the milk machine in order to stay on test the length of time required too and currently I'm still hand milking. So the plan is to get the room done in the new barn for milking, get the milk machine up and running and the goats acclimated to it this year and then 2018 go on official milk test through both MDGA & TMGR. In the meantime, like in previous years, I keep detailed milk charts for each goat and I weigh milk each milking. I will continue to do that and record it on each doe's page and next year work towards official records and milk stars!

Ruby's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
3-15-17 0 2 Full Circle SS Sandcastles (F2) SGM FCS Hanky Panky (F3)
SGM FCS Cast Away (F3)
Ruby is planned to Earknot Acres MP Jacob's Ladder for a 2018 kidding.
Doe retained


Mariah's TAX Avatar
F1 (75L/25ND)

Mariah's RR Taxman
F1 Mini-Mancha 50/50

Photo courtesy of Mariah Farms.
Slone's Blessing Rocky Raccoon
Nigerian Dwarf
Slone's Blessing Rainy Day
Little Tots Estate Hypoestes
Raven's Haven Lucy in the Sky
Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Sujorn *B VEE90
Raven's Haven Black Magic Woman
Cobble's Valley Pimp Neytiri

8 months in milk 2013, courtesy of Mariahs.
Deseret This Buck Pimpin Does Pine-Springs Fancee This
Deseret Whiskey Penelope
CH Cobble's Valley AH Lou Neala Aspen-Hill's Chewie Louie
Cobble's Valley SFSH Nyda
Proverbs 27 CK Rebekah 2*P
F1 (18.75L/81.25ND) Elf
GCH Lost Valley KW Cherokee +B VEE89 *S
Nigerian Dwarf

Courtesy of Agape Oaks.
Gay-Mor RA Kingwood ++*S Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S
ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D E
Lost Valley Hopi 2*D Gay-Mor's JJU Laredo *S
It'll Do's Chalktah *D
Agape Oaks Cookie Doe *P AR
F1 (37.5/62.5)
1291.8lbs, 287 days, 8.38%BF, 4.24%P

Courtesy of Parham Farm.
Flat Rocks Firecracker +S
Nigerian Dwarf
MCH Flat Rocks Fox Fire E +B
PromisedLand CP Bedazzled 4*D
Flat Rocks Munchkin *D
F1 (25/75)
MCH Flat Rocks Fox Fire E +B
Nigerian Dwarf
Flat Rocks Julia
F2 (50/50)


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