Itty Bit

 DOB: Estimated 6/14/04-6/22/17


~ This is Itty Bit. This itty bitty kitty decided to "call" us. LOL We were leaving and at the car we heard faint meows down the road. Well of course I had to check it out. We walked down the road less than 30 feet and I saw this terrified little kitten sitting maybe 5 feet from the road (dangerous road too) and hunkered down. I mewed to her but she didn't budge and had a fearful look in her eyes so I said, "come mere little kitty" and she immediately ran to me. I scooped her up and toted her to the house. She was called Itty Bit from the start so it stuck. She has turned out to be quite the sweet little kitty.




DOB: 3/28/03-2/6/16

~ This is Felix. I was fostering cats and kittens for the Kitten Action Team and he was a kitten in my first litter to raise. We'd actually decided to keep a kitten and chose him because he is completely black. Black cats are very hard to home for some reason. I loved his 3 siblings dearly and wanted to keep them all. He's my way of remembering them.
~ Felix is my baby. He has been spoiled by me since he was 2 weeks old so he's not shy at all. He's a huge cat too, being part main coon. He's pure fluff and not aware of his size. He did have to battle with an upper respiratory infection as a kitten so he has permanent respiratory issues but we love him no less!
~ Felix passed away on February 6th. We are all heartbroken. :(



DOB: Unknown

~ Someone dumped Missy around our farm and she chose us as her home. She was extremely timid in the beginning afraid we'd hurt her. Then she realized we weren't so bad and was very submissive to us. She's since had a litter of puppies and totally blossomed becoming a real member of the farm. She's involved in all the 'doings' of the farm and has settled in completely. We are planning to have her spayed in the near future.
~ Someone apparently stole Missy. I had really gotten use to having her here and being my companion feeding the horses etc. Then one day I went outside and she wasn't there. So we believe she was picked up by someone. She was a free dog so it would be easy to be taken. She was in her prime, really fluffy and bright eyed and bushy tailed too.



 DOB: 10/4/2012-11/14


~ We lost Wendy tragically in October 2012. My daughter Hannah had actually already been asking for a kitten long before Wendy passed so since we were so close to Christmas we decided to get her one. I ran an ad looking for 2 kittens and was contacted by a lady who had Smokey, his sister Mitzi and a third kitten (already spoken for). Their mother was a purebred Persian and she'd gotten out, got pregnant and had kittens. She was later hit by a car. We were totally in love at first sight with these two. Mitzi was the one handed to me and Smokey claimed Hannah and its been that way ever since.


DOB: 2009-11/11
Barn Kitty

~ This beautiful orange and white kitty is Tigress. Her brother and sister joined our farm to be barn mousers and the only one who has hung around is Tigress. Her sister is a blue-eyed girl and her brother was a big ol' boy. They're likely to show up again one day. Tigress has taken to hanging out in the barn fully and became the milk parlor pal quickly. She learned that after I finished milking and jarring my milk, she got to lick the milk bucket clean and has made sure to be in the parlor every morning when I milk. Smart kitty. She was a very timid kitty to begin with having been a feral kitten, but you can't tell that now. She's a wonderful kitty cat. Tigress got an upper respiratory infection and passed away in November. My heart still aches thinking of her.



DOB: Estimated 1997-11/11

~ This is Chloe. Chloe found us. We were renting an apartment in a large house at the time. We were feeding a stray tom who hung around a lot and one day I heard a cat fight outside. I was so use to running out to chase the big toms off Max that I was surprised to find he was the one doing the fighting. This terribly skinny white cat trotted up to me and looked down in the empty food bowl. I knew she was in need of food desperately so I opened the door to go in and get more food and she darted past me into the house. So I opened our apartment door and in she trotted and never went back out. She's been a permanent resident with us ever since.


"Ace" Yer My Pick

DOB: 9/11/00-08/11
Retired racing Greyhound

~ This is Ace! His racing name is Yer My Pick but we call him Ace. We were fostering retired racers for Greyhounds & Love here in SC and Ace was our 5th foster dog. We got very attached to Ace after he had a run in with an aquarium here and cut his leg. He just couldn't leave. We picked him up to foster in November 2004 just before Thanksgiving and officially adopted him in January 2005.
~ Ace passed away just after turning 10 years old. Greyhounds die suddenly sometimes and we had seen signs in him that he was getting older. He left us suddenly but he'll forever live in our hearts. Rest in peace sweet Ace. I can see him running and playing with Bear again.



4/2003 - 6/2009

~ This is Lily, she's Tiger's sister. Lily was a feral kitten hanging out with her mother and 2 siblings behind Burger King at the dumpster. I was fostering for the Kitten Action Team so I purchased a humane cat-trap and set it to catch these cats. Lily was the first one of the 3 kittens to take it. She was completely terrified of humans in the beginning and was scared to death of what we'd do to her. We placed her in a cat-cage at our house to tame her. The next morning we caught her brother Tiger. Tiger was even more scared of us. Over the course of several weeks we got them to come around. A foster mom cat named Katrina that we had helped to bring them out of their shells. She would meow to them in her mamma cat voice and they'd run to her. When they saw that we weren't hurting her they let us pet them. Lily came around first and has become the best cat! She is the biggest lap cat I've ever seen even though she's the smallest of our adult cats.
~ Lily lost the control of her rear legs today. We took her to the vet and it was determined that she had a blood clot lodged in her spine causing cold feet and no feeling. She was humanely euthanized. We are very upset and will miss our sweet little Lily. Rest in peace sweetie.



4/2003 - 11/2006

~ This is Tiger, he's Lily's brother. We trapped him the day after catching Lily and kept the two of them together for comfort while we got to know them. It took several weeks to get them to trust us enough to touch them but with the help of one of my foster mom cats, Katrina, they came around. Tiger took a lot longer than his sister to trust us. She seemed to know that she was in a great home but Tiger needed a little extra reassuring. After being with us for over a year he finally sees what he's been missing out on. He is a pure and total lap cat now.
~ Tiger died in November of 2006 from a urinary blockage. It was sudden and completely heart breaking. We miss this sweet boy terribly. Rest in peace Tiger.


"Bear" Budda Bear

6/19/1996 - 8/06
Retired racing Greyhound

~ We adopted Bear in January 2004. He was our first retired racing greyhound. He was 8 years old when he joined us and died in August 2006 at just over 10 years old. He was a super sweet boy, my shadow. He followed me everywhere I went and was most content to be at my feet. I was a part time tech student at the time so we spent a lot of time together. Rest in peace sweet Bear.



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