SGM KAT Lucille



10-13-17 Lucy, Ellie and Genny as dry yearlings.


F3 American Mini-Mancha
DOB: 4/18/2016
(One of twin does)
(46.88 L/53.12 ND)
Elf Ears
MDGA & TMGR Registered


    I've always wanted a buckskin mini and boy what a flashy one this beauty is! She is named Lucille after the Beatles which her dam was named after. I chose two Beatles songs to call these girls and what a pretty name Lucille is (makes me think of Lucille Ball and I love Lucy which is a favorite show of mine). I am calling her Lucy for short and I have high hopes for Lucy to mature into a gorgeous dairy doe. She's already sharp when you look past all that flash. I am THRILLED to have this American doeling in our herd!



5-17-17 Lucy as a dry yearling. Her sister Maggie is behind her.

Lucy 12-22-16 at 8 months old.

7-15-16 (left) She refuses to have her photo taken. 5-13-16 (right) Lucy at 3 weeks old.

Her dam Lennon's second freshening udder with 12 hours fill 4-21-17.

Her grandaunt Parham Farm OM Adele's first freshening udder.
Photos courtesy of Parham Farm.

Her maternal great granddam, SG Agape Oaks LOX Seraphina 2*M AR.
Photos courtesy of Parham Farm.

Her paternal great granddam, ARFCH Glimmercroft Annai Faurie *P
Photos courtesy of Glimmercroft Farm. Click here for her page.


Lucy's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
Lucy is bred to Earknot Acres MP Jacob's Ladder and is due 3/15/18.
She will be a first freshener so buck kids will not be available until she's evaluated.
Doe might be retained.


Earknot Acres K Kitty's KitKat
F2 (54.69/45.31) Elf

Glimmercroft Kryptonite
American F4 (60.94L/39.06ND)

Photos courtesy of Glimmercroft.
Tangletown Toft Scirocco
American F4 (60.94L/39.06ND)
Glimmercroft Bosco
F3 (60.94L/39.06ND)
SUN Emma
F3 (60.94L/39.06ND)
ARFCH Glimmercroft Annai Faurie *P
American F3 (60.94L/39.06ND)
Sweetbrier Ridge Captain Morgan
F2 (71.875L/28.125ND)
Glimmercroft Shine
F2 (50/50)
5 Cedars Kit'n Kaboodle
F1 (50/50)

Courtesy of 5 Cedars.
Cobble's Valley TBPD Bodacious
Deseret This Buck Pimpin Does
CH Appleberry Cove CT Lovey Dovey VEEE90
5 Cedars Kitty
Nigerian Dwarf
Rancho Ton Tey Bellagio
5 Cedars Abigail

Parham Farm MC Lennon
F2 (39.06/60.94) G

Parham Farms OM McCartney
F1 (59.4/40.6) Gopher

Courtesy of Parham Farm.
Proverbs 27 Oatmeal Cookie *B
F1 (18.75/81.25) Elf
Agape Oaks FC Gift of Grace *B *S
Nigerian Dwarf
Agape Oaks FC Cookie Doe *P
F1 (37.5/62.5) Gopher
SG Agape Oaks LOX Seraphina 2*M AR
Grade LaMancha 12# Peak 4th Fresh
Full sister to SGCH Agape Oaks LOX  Rejoice 2*M EEEE92
Little Orchard TF Xavier +*B
GCH/ARMCH Texas Flat Rocks Pearl 1*M +EEV87
6-00* 305 2750 3.9 107 3.1 86 102 20
Proverbs 27 CK Rebekah 2*P
F1 (18.75L/81.25ND) Elf
891.2lbs, 249 days, 7.28%BF, 4.41%P

Courtesy of Parham Farm.
GCH Lost Valley KW Cherokee +B VEE89 *S 
Nigerian Dwarf
Gay-Mor RA Kingwood ++*S
Lost Valley Hopi 2*D
Agape Oaks Cookie Doe *P AR
F1 (37.5/62.5) Gopher
1291.8lbs, 287 days, 8.38%BF, 4.24%P
Flat Rocks Firecracker +S
Nigerian Dwarf
Flat Rocks Munchkin *D
F1 (25/75)


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