EarKnot Acres MP Jacob's Ladder



10-15-17 Jacob on the job.



F3 American Mini Mancha
DOB: 3/17/2017
(One of Twin bucks)
(63.67 L/36.33 ND)
Gopher eared
MDGA & TMGR Pending



     This handsome boy is Jacob. I am thrilled to bring a Flower descendant into our herd. She has such a beautiful udder and has been one I have admired for a while. I'm so pleased to have a son of hers to use in our breeding program! Jacob's sire Mo Pe're is stunning. Just take a look at him below. He has such a presence about him and is striking! Jacob's sire is also out of a buck we bred back in 2012 and we own his littermate sister SGM Mooshine Elise. Click her name to see her page. This is an exciting buck to have in our herd and we are anxious to see his first kids in 2018!

10-15-17 Jacob at 7 months old.

4-9-17 Jacob is settling in great!

His dam, Ear Knot Acres Lil Flower's udder.
Courtesy of Ear Knot Acres.

His dam's dam, Ear Knot Acres Doriana's udder.
Courtesy of Ear Knot Acres.

His sire's dam, Irish Whisper HP Mon Amie and her first freshening udder with 9 hours of milk.
Courtesy of Ear Knot Acres.

His paternal grandsire (SGM Mooshine Poseidon)'s littermate sister,
SGM Mooshine Elise in 2017 with her 3rd freshening udder at 12 hours fill.


EarKnot Acres Mon Pe're
F2 (61.72/38.28) Elf

Courtesy of Ear Knot Acres.
SGM Mooshine Poseidon
F2 (48.44/51.56) Gopher
Earknot Acres AR Mooshine
F3 AM (46.88/53.12) Gopher
Applecroft Rafiki
F3 (50/50) Gopher
Ear Knot Acres Mooshoo
F2 (43.76/56.24)
Appleberry Cove Elsie
F1 (50/50) Elf
Dancing Goat Farms Tibet
Nigerian Dwarf
CH Listening-Eagle Lydia VEVV88
Irish Whisper HP Mon Amie
F1 (75/25) Elf

Courtesy of Ear Knot Acres.
Autumn-Acres Hanky Panky Up
Kastdemur's Up & Atom *B EEE91
CH Autumn-Acres Miss Maple Suger EEEE92
Irish Whisper Circue De Soleil
F1 (50/50) Elf
Goodwood HT Monarch
Nigerian Dwarf
3-Wishes Daisy
Ear Knot Acres Lil Flower
F2 (65.62L/34.38ND) Gopher

Courtesy of Ear Knot Acres.
Indigo Kids Sullivan
F1 (50/50) Elf
Fairlea Fletcher Christian
Nigerian Dwarf
Flat Rocks Diamond Rio E90.2
ARMCH Fairlea Gretchen 2*M 2*D E
Indigo Kids Leili
Ear Knot Acres Doriana
F1 (81L/19ND) Gopher

Courtesy of Ear Knot Acres.
Sweetbrier Ridge Pongo
F2 (62.5/37.5) Gopher
Glimmercroft Snowman
F2 (50/50) Gopher
Glimmercroft Celeste
F1 (75/25) Gopher
Irish Whisper Heaven Scent
Irish Whisper Cycas Jerusalem *B
Little Orchard T Pure Heaven 10*M



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