SGM KAT Imagine



2-24-18 Maggie as a 2 year old first freshener. Sorry she's not clipped yet.


F3 American Mini-Mancha
DOB: 4/18/2016
(One of twin does)
(46.88 L/53.12 ND)
Elf Ears
MDGA & TMGR Registered


    Kitkat did it again, produced a very sharp flashy kid! This time instead of two bucks he gave us two does and we are THRILLED! We are following the Beatles name theme with Lennon's does so both are named after songs. This beauty is named Imagine or Maggie for short. We are so happy to have these girls in the herd and look forward to watching them mature and become very dairy does!
     Maggie was one of the juniors held over dry in 2017. So this will be her first freshening. She's due Valentine's Day with kids sired by Morgan. I'm anxious to see how she freshens and milks!


2-20-18 Maggie's first freshening udder after the edema went away. With flash, without and 3 quarter view.
Maggie is doing great on the milk stand and is rapidly becoming a favorite for teat size, texture and orifices!
I hope to clip udders the last weekend of February.

Left: Maggie's prekidding udder on 2-12-18. Right, her very hairy side udder on 2-15-18.
She's just learning to be milked, but doing great, and I will clip her soon.

5-17-17 Maggie as a dry yearling.

Maggie is VERY bouncy so standing photos are difficult to get. (4-26-16 left & middle)Spunky Maggie ( 4-21-16 right).

Her dam Lennon's second freshening udder with 12 hours fill 4-21-17.

Her grandaunt Parham Farm OM Adele's first freshening udder.
Photos courtesy of Parham Farm.

Her maternal great granddam, SG Agape Oaks LOX Seraphina 2*M AR.
Photos courtesy of Parham Farm.

Her paternal great granddam, ARFCH Glimmercroft Annai Faurie *P
Photos courtesy of Glimmercroft Farm. Click here for her page.


Maggie's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
2-12-18 0 1 Ear Knot Acres Morgan (F3) ... (F4)


Earknot Acres K Kitty's KitKat
F2 (54.69/45.31) Elf

Glimmercroft Kryptonite
American F4 (60.94L/39.06ND)

Photos courtesy of Glimmercroft.
Tangletown Toft Scirocco
American F4 (60.94L/39.06ND)
Glimmercroft Bosco
F3 (60.94L/39.06ND)
SUN Emma
F3 (60.94L/39.06ND)
ARFCH Glimmercroft Annai Faurie *P
American F3 (60.94L/39.06ND)
Sweetbrier Ridge Captain Morgan
F2 (71.875L/28.125ND)
Glimmercroft Shine
F2 (50/50)
5 Cedars Kit'n Kaboodle
F1 (50/50)

Courtesy of 5 Cedars.
Cobble's Valley TBPD Bodacious
Deseret This Buck Pimpin Does
CH Appleberry Cove CT Lovey Dovey VEEE90
5 Cedars Kitty
Nigerian Dwarf
Rancho Ton Tey Bellagio
5 Cedars Abigail

Parham Farm MC Lennon
F2 (39.06/60.94) G

Parham Farms OM McCartney
F1 (59.4/40.6) Gopher

Courtesy of Parham Farm.
Proverbs 27 Oatmeal Cookie *B
F1 (18.75/81.25) Elf
Agape Oaks FC Gift of Grace *B *S
Nigerian Dwarf
Agape Oaks FC Cookie Doe *P
F1 (37.5/62.5) Gopher
SG Agape Oaks LOX Seraphina 2*M AR
Grade LaMancha 12# Peak 4th Fresh
Full sister to SGCH Agape Oaks LOX  Rejoice 2*M EEEE92
Little Orchard TF Xavier +*B
GCH/ARMCH Texas Flat Rocks Pearl 1*M +EEV87
6-00* 305 2750 3.9 107 3.1 86 102 20
Proverbs 27 CK Rebekah 2*P
F1 (18.75L/81.25ND) Elf
891.2lbs, 249 days, 7.28%BF, 4.41%P

Courtesy of Parham Farm.
GCH Lost Valley KW Cherokee +B VEE89 *S 
Nigerian Dwarf
Gay-Mor RA Kingwood ++*S
Lost Valley Hopi 2*D
Agape Oaks Cookie Doe *P AR
F1 (37.5/62.5) Gopher
1291.8lbs, 287 days, 8.38%BF, 4.24%P
Flat Rocks Firecracker +S
Nigerian Dwarf
Flat Rocks Munchkin *D
F1 (25/75)


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