SGM BEE Genevieve


10-13-17 Genny as a dry yearling.

F1 Mini-Mancha

DOB: 4/28/2016
(Triplets 2 does/1 buck)
(30.86 L/69.14 ND)
TMGR & MDGA Registered


     Genny is very round already and still has a month and a half to go! I hope she freshens like her dam who was very abundant in milk and a dream to milk!

10-13-17 Genny as a dry yearling.

3-17-17 at 11 months old.

5-14-16 (left 2) Genny's side and front, 5-22-16 (middle/right) Genny's rear.

Her dam, SGM RB Evangeline's udder from 2015.
Evangeline is a dream to milk!

Her sire's dam, SGM Mooshine Elise in 2017 with her 3rd freshening udder at 12 hours fill.



Genny's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
Genny is bred to Enchanted Hill TD Bobolink and is due 3/20/18.
She will be a first freshener. Doe retained


SGM AVA Elise's Beethoven

F2 (61.72/38.28) Gopher

Mariah's TAX Avatar
F1 (75L/25ND)

Mariah's RR Taxman
F1 Mini-Mancha 50/50
Slone's Blessing Rocky Raccoon
Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
Raven's Haven Lucy in the Sky
Purebred Lamancha
Cobble's Valley Pimp Neytiri
Purebred Lamancha
Deseret This Buck Pimpin Does
CH Cobble's Valley AH Lou Neala
SGM Mooshine Elise
F2 (48.44/51.56)
Earknot Acres AR Mooshine
F3 American (46.88/53.12)
Applecroft Rafiki
F3 (50/50)
Earknot Acres Mooshoo
F2 (43.75/56.25)
Appleberry Cove Elsie
F1 (50/50)
Dancing Goat Farms Tibet
Nigerian Dwarf
CH Listening-Eagle Lydia VEVV88

SGM RB Evangeline
Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

J-Nels SQ River Birch *B
Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B *S Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol *S
ARMCH Rosasharn's UMT Sassafras 5*D E
SGCH/MCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 1*M VEEE90
2011 ADGA Nat'l GCH &
1st Place Dam & Daughter
2012 ADGA Nat'l 1st Place Dam & Daughter
2013 & 2014 Prod/Dam
7-07 230 580 5.9 34 4.8 28 99 20
Caesar's Villa LV Eric +B *S
CH J-Nels BB Dimples VVEV88
7-01 134 310 6.1 19 4.2 13 81 20
SGM PTC Guinevere
Kids Corral PT Cruiser Kids Corral Pat's Tenor
Kids Corral LB LunarSelene Blu
Doublegate TT Petite Milky Whey's Tommy Toes
Doublegate PAL Peanut Brittle



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