SGM Mooshine Elise


5-20-17 Elise clipped and filled in as though we were going to a show. I think she'd do well!
There are more photos from today's photo shoot below.


F2 Mini-Mancha
DOB: 3/15/2012
(Triplets 1 Doe/2 Bucks)
(48.44 L/51.56 ND)
Gopher Ears

Negative CAE & Johne's 2016


     I know you aren't supposed to have favorites but its hard not to when you have so many wonderful traits wrapped up in such a lovely dairy doe. Elise is the total package. She is beautiful, correct, dairy, easy and a joy to milk and the personality of a total angel. I retained her twin bucks in 2015 to the herd and have used both for the 2016 kidding season. For 2017 she produced twin bucks again. Darn! Maybe one day she'll finally give me some does. For 2017 all her doe kids will be retained, that is if she has any!


Elise's 3rd freshening udder on 3-24-17 at 6 weeks fresh and a 12 hour fill.
Elise is steadily producing in the 5lb range and has flirted with 6lbs several times.
Like always she's a dream to milk with great texture and teat and orifice size.

Elise 5-20-17 at 3 1/2 months into her lactation.

5-20-17 Handled by my husband in these two photos and handled by me above.

Elise's 2nd freshening udder 4-2-16. I have not clipped her while milking her this year.
She will likely be dried off before clipping this year so no new photos will be taken this year.

5-19-15 Elise as a 3 year old first freshener at 8 weeks fresh and about 8 hours fill. She dam raised her twin bucks and I took over milking after they were weaned.

5-17-17 (left) & 3-4-16 (right) I love this goat! <3

Elise's 2012 baby picture. She was lovely then and is now too!

Her dam, Appleberry Cove Elsie's udder in 2012.
Left photo courtesy of Appleberry Cove. Udder photos taken here in 2012.


Elise's Milk Record

Date/Description DIM Pounds Butterfat Protein Height
2017 Barn Records
Unofficial as of 5-1-17
Third Freshening - did not start milking till a little over a week fresh and did not begin recording weights until I'd been milking her 2 weeks. 3-7 I started recording.
55 277.6# - -  
As of 5-13-17 68 334.9# - -  
As of 5-19-17
Dropping to Once A Day Milking
74 359.5# - -  
Completed 5-23-17
Once a Day milking since last record.
Drying her off from this point on.
78 371# - -  
Peak, which she did a few times throughout with just pelleted goat feed and alfalfa pellets during the whole lactation. Next year I'll make up a good milking ration. ~ 5.9# - -  
I had planned to go on milk test in 2017, but with the stresses of kidding season, milking and bottle raising (when we didn't set-out to do that initially) and the new barn work having to be finished to get the herd moved into, testing just didn't happen. I need the milk machine in order to stay on test the length of time required too and currently I'm still hand milking. So the plan is to get the room done in the new barn for milking, get the milk machine up and running and the goats acclimated to it this year and then 2018 go on official milk test through both MDGA & TMGR. In the meantime, like in previous years, I keep detailed milk charts for each goat and I weigh milk each milking. I will continue to do that and record it on each doe's page and next year work towards official records and milk stars!

Elise's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
3-24-15 0 2 Mariah's TAX Avatar (F1) SGM Avatar Elise's Elliott (F2)
SGM Avatar Elise's Beethoven (F2)
3-6-16 0 2 Earknot Acres K Kitty's Kitkat (F2) SGM KAT Elise's Eugene (F3)
SGM KAT Sugar Daddy
2-10-17 3 1 Full Circle SS Sandcastles (F2) SGM FCS Ezekiel (F3)
SGM FCS Betty (F3)

SGM FCS Eureka (F3)
SGM FCS Emily (F3)
Elise is bred to Enchanted Hill TD Bobolink and is due 3/10/18.
Doe retained, doe reserved. Buck might be retained.


Earknot Acres AR Mooshine
F3 (46.88/53.12) Gopher
Applecroft Rafiki
F3 (50/50) Gopher

Courtesy of Earknot Acres.
Glimmercroft Snowman
F2 (50/50) Gopher
Merrihill Valentino
F1 50/50
Raven Crest ML1 Sally
F1 50/50 Elf
Glimmercroft Sayuri
F2 (50/50)
Merrihill Valentino
F1 50/50 Elf
Raven Crest ML1 Sally
F1 50/50 Elf
Ear Knot Acres Mooshoo
F2 (43.75/56.25) Elf
No photo available
Sweetbrier Ridge Pongo
F2 (62.5/37.5) Gopher
Glimmercroft Snowman
F2 50/50 Gopher
Glimmercroft Celeste
F1 75/25 Gopher
Irish Whisper Esmeralda
F1 (25/75) Upright
Irish Whisper RA Raisin' Cain
Irish Whisper Cirque De Soleil
F1 (50/50) Elf
Appleberry Cove Elsie
F1 (50/50) Elf
Dancing Goat Farms Tibet
Nigerian Dwarf
No photo available
Cornerstone Farm's Tobit *S High Acres Tina's Goldenrod *S
Cornerstone Farms Mariah 2*D
Savage Wind Flap Jack  
CH Listening Eagle Lydia VEVV88 1*M
6-00 277 1770 4.4 77 2.9 52 100 20

Courtesy of Appleberry Cove.
Listening-Eagle Dante One*Oak*Hill Jrupaul Jericho
Listening-Eagle Lacey Boomers
Listening-Eagle Josephine Quartz-Creek Storm Thunderboom +EV83
Shining-Light Jeb's Love


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