I have a very soft spot for cats. As a result we often have several. All of our cats are rescues in one form or another. Some were homeless and we took them in and others were foster cats that we adopted through the Kitten Action Team. We volunteered with the Kitten Action Team from 2003 till 2004. I had to stop fostering because I had a hard time letting them go. :o) Kitties are in order of when they joined our family.



 DOB: 10/4/2012


~ We lost Wendy tragically in October 2012. My daughter Hannah had actually already been asking for a kitten long before Wendy passed so since we were so close to Christmas we decided to get her one. I ran an ad looking for 2 kittens and was contacted by a lady who had Mitzi, her brother Smokey and a third kitten (already spoken for). Their mother was a purebred Persian and she'd gotten out, got pregnant and had kittens. She was later hit by a car. We were totally in love at first sight with these two. Mitzi was the one handed to me and Smokey claimed Hannah and its been that way ever since.



 DOB: 1/26/2014


~ Hannah wanted a kitten for her birthday so we took her to the Greenville Humane Society and she picked out Shadow. He's mischievous and sweet as can be.



 DOB: 10/1/2015


~ My sister found a tiny kitten at a convenient store and called me asking if I could take it in. I didn't want another cat, but couldn't turn away one in need either, so she brought him here. After seeing him it's hard to not be smitten anyway. LOL So Socks he was named and spoiled he became.



We also have several barn cats. Currently that consists of Stripes, Buzz, Barley, Miss Priss and Callie. They have all been spayed or neutered. A new arrival has recently taken up living here and she will soon be spayed if she isn't claimed first.


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