SGM FCS Cast Away



5-3-17 Cas looks so much nicer in person than his pictures. I will try to get new pictures.


F3 American Mini-Mancha
DOB: 3/15/2017
(One of Twin Bucks)
Gopher Ears
MDGA & TMGR Pending

    Cas, for short is out of our beautiful first freshening Ruby. She has a gorgeous udder and has rapidly become one of my favorites to milk and she is easily out producing all the other yearling first fresheners I'm milking and has consistently produced a half gallon daily. For that reason I felt her son had to stay! He is very correct, straight feet and legs and smoothly blended. I am anxious to see what he can do as a herdsire!
     Cas is staying provided a third new buck doesn't work out. We are trying to arrange transport and if that works out, Cas will be leaving. If it doesn't work out then Cas will be our 3rd new buck for this year. He is related to several of our does so we're holding out hope that transport arrangements are found. :)


Cas 4-9-17 (rear photos) and Cas on 3-19-17 at 4 days old (right).

His dam, SGM AVA Ruby's first freshening udder at a week and a half fresh and 12 hours of milk.

Sire's dam, Pun Kid's De Ja Too and her 2nd freshening udder.
Photos courtesy of Full Circle.

Maternal granddam Proverbs 27 CK Rebekah 2*P's udder (left & middle)
and her dam Agape Oaks Cookie Doe *P's udder (right).
Photos courtesy of Parham Farms.

His paternal great grandsire (SGM Mooshine Poseidon)'s littermate sister,
SGM Mooshine Elise in 2017 with her 3rd freshening udder at 12 hours fill.


Full Circle SS Sandcastles
F2 (62.11/37.89) Gopher

Ear Knot Acres MP Slimshady
F2 (49.22/50.78) Elf

Courtesy of Full Circle.

SGM Mooshine Poseidon
F2 (48.44/51.56) Gopher
Earknot Acres AR Mooshine
F3 American (46.88/53.12)
Appleberry Cove Elsie
F1 (50/50)
Irish Whisper P Tinker Bell
F1 (50/50) Elf
Little Orchard SC Perry
Irish Whisper Indy's Anna
Pun Kid's De Ja Too
F1 (75/25) Elf

Courtesy of Full Circle.
8 weeks fresh & 9 hours.
More photos above.
Pun Kids Farm Archimedes
F1 (50/50) Elf
Country Daze Farm Midnight
Nigerian Dwarf
Gabhar Torr Supernova
Blue-Ridge Xaviera
South-Fork TRS Wind's Jetlag EEE91
Blue-Ridge Vera VV+V86
F2 (46.88/53.12) Gopher

Udder photos above and on her page.

Mariah's TAX Avatar
F1 (75L/25ND) Gopher

Mariah's RR Taxman
F1 (50/50) Elf
Slone's Blessing Rocky Raccoon
Nigerian Dwarf
Raven's Haven Lucy in the Sky
Cobble's Valley Pimp Neytiri
Deseret This Buck Pimpin Does
CH Cobble's Valley AH Lou Neala
Proverbs 27 CK Rebekah 2*P
F1 (18.75L/81.25ND) Elf
GCH Lost Valley KW Cherokee +B VEE89 *S
Nigerian Dwarf
Gay-Mor RA Kingwood ++*S
Lost Valley Hopi 2*D
Agape Oaks Cookie Doe *P AR
F1 (37.5/62.5) Elf
1291.8lbs, 287 days, 8.38%BF, 4.24%P
Flat Rocks Firecracker +S
Nigerian Dwarf
Flat Rocks Munchkin *D
F1 (25/75)


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