SGM FCS Cabernet Sauvignon


3-28-17 Cabernet at 4 weeks old.


American Mini-Mancha
DOB: 2/28/2017
Twins doe/buck
F3 - 56.06 L/43.94 ND
Gopher Ears
MDGA Registered & TMGR Pending

    This beauty is just like her dam! Zin was the largest and fastest growing kid in the herd in 2016 and Cabernet has rapidly moved to largest this year. She is so beautifully put together and maturing so nicely. I can't get over how much she reminds me of her granddam Chardonnay but maybe that's partly because she's the same color, only Cabernet is broken with white and has blue-eyes. If she matures like her dam and granddam she will be one heck of a good milker. Such a lovely young doe!
     12-3-2017 Sandcastles somehow managed to get into the doe pen. I believe he and Morgan were battling things out and he was chased and scaled the fence. He has not since gotten out and never has before then. Cabernet just so happened to be in standing heat and was probably what the bucks were fighting over. We caught him quickly I believe and did not see him breed anyone however, we have recorded the date just in case and realize it's highly plausible that Cabernet was bred. This is actually not a bad breeding but I didn't plan to breed her to him. It is a sire daughter crossing but I've had nice does in the past who were linebred like that. We do not plan to abort her. We will wait and see if she turns up pregnant and she'll just be a milking yearling.


5-23-17 I plan to clip the junior does soon and try to get updated photos then too.

3-28-17 Cabernet at 4 weeks old.

Her dam, SGM ZEN Zinfandel and her first freshening udder.
Easily the most easy to milk texture and orifices! Large teats make it even better!

Maternal granddam Chardonnay (left & middle) and her maternal great granddam,
Nirvana's first freshening udder with twin bucks (right).
Nirvana photo courtesy of Mark Yonce.

Sire's dam, Pun Kid's De Ja Too and her 2nd freshening udder.
Photos courtesy of Full Circle.

Her paternal great grandsire's littermate sister,
SGM Mooshine Elise in 2017 with her 3rd freshening udder at 12 hours fill.


Cabernet's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
Cabernet was possibly bred by Full Circle SS Sandcastles and she'd be due 5-2-18.
This was an oops breeding - more details above, but would be a good breeding I believe.


Full Circle SS Sandcastles
F2 (62.11/37.89) Gopher

Ear Knot Acres MP Slimshady
F2 (49.22/50.78) Elf

Courtesy of Full Circle.

SGM Mooshine Poseidon
F2 (48.44/51.56) Gopher
Earknot Acres AR Mooshine
F3 American (46.88/53.12)
Appleberry Cove Elsie
F1 (50/50)
Irish Whisper P Tinker Bell
F1 (50/50) Elf
Little Orchard SC Perry
Irish Whisper Indy's Anna
Pun Kid's De Ja Too
F1 (75/25) Elf

Courtesy of Full Circle.
8 weeks fresh & 9 hours.
More photos above.
Pun Kids Farm Archimedes
F1 (50/50) Elf
Country Daze Farm Midnight
Nigerian Dwarf
Gabhar Torr Supernova
Blue-Ridge Xaviera
South-Fork TRS Wind's Jetlag EEE91
Blue-Ridge Vera VV+V86

SGM ZEN Zinfandel
F2 (50/50) Gopher

Tyger River's LM Zen Master
F1 (50/50) Elf

SC Holly SPGS TR Lil Mark
Nigerian Dwarf
5 Cedars SC Holly SPGS Brad
5 Cedars Holly Springs April
Appleberry Cove PR Nirvana
Little Orchard TG Phantom
Lunashower SDS Ruhamah 2*M VEVV87
Doublegate SS Chardonnay
F1 (50/50) Elf
Doublegate Z Sirius Spots
Nigerian Dwarf
NC PromisedLand RC Zorro *S *B
Doublegate PAL Majic
Deseret This Cosmopolitan
Pine-Springs Fancee This
SGCH Pine-Springs Orion's Cordial 5*M VEEE90
5-01 247 2830 4.2 119 2.9 81 95 20


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