Parham Farm MC Lennon
Parham Farms OM McCartney (F1) x Proverbs 27 CK Rebekah (F1)
F2 (39.07/60.93) Gopher
Earknot Acres K Kitty's KitKat
Glimmercroft Kryptonite F3 x 5 Cedars Bo Kit N Kaboodle F1

F2 (54.69/45.31) Elf

Kidded 4-18-16
with Twin Does
F3 American Mini-Manchas
46.88% LaMancha and 53.12% Nigerian Dwarf)


SGM KAT Imagine

Maggie ~ Abbreviated Chamoisee and White Elf Eared Doeling ~ Retained


SGM KAT Lucille

Lucy ~ Broken Buckskin Elf Eared Doeling ~ Retained


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