Welcome to Sweet Gum Minis. We (Ashley, Steve, Hannah and Matthew) are the Capps family and we live on a small farm in the northwest part or foothills of South Carolina. Our herd is rapidly growing! We raise Mini-Mancha and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We raised dairy goats for several years with Nigerian Dwarf, Mini-Manchas and LaManchas breeds from 2005 to 2012 then sold out and decided in the fall of 2013 to get back in goats. I've strove to buy back goats I bred and have several in the herd as well as descendants of others.
     The herd is primarily made up of Mini-Manchas and our plan for the 2016 kidding season is to have only Mini-Manchas born. That means our Nigerian Dwarf does will be bred to Mini-Mancha bucks for minis too. I will be bringing in some new Nigerian Dwarf bucks though so we'll have Nigerians born again in 2017.
     We decided to stay in our current home and build the new farm on our existing three acres. It turned out to be our best option and we were able to make some very necessary changes so we are very happy to stay. The dangerous trees are down, the new carport is in and the work has really just begun. We hope to have the new carport barn enclosed before the coldest part of winter hits. We still have a lot of fencing to do too so the herd was kept small with just nine does and five bucks kept. We still have our lovely Alpaca Calvin too and I do plan to get another Alpaca or two for him and for fiber next year. If you would like to follow the progress on the new carport barn click here or the photo below. We are anxious to see it finished! Take a look around and contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks for looking!



Kiddings will begin in just over a month!


Future doe barn.


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